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Solutions for Educational Institutions

Solutions for Educational Institutions

  • University of Oxford
  • Warwick University
  • London School of Economics

Join institutions including The University of Oxford, Warwick University, London School of Economics in selecting GlobalSign for their online security solutions.

Universities, colleges and educational institutions are required to collect and maintain large amounts of personal information from students, faultily, and staff members including diplomas, certificates, transcripts, admission letters, financial aid documents, and medical records. This large amount of sensitive data collected creates challenges for IT departments to sustain a reliable highly trusted and secure network, as well as meet all data privacy and compliance regulations.

GlobalSign provides a wide portfolio of solutions to educational institutions looking to adopt best value for money practices without comprising security requirements.

PDF signing

Create Secure Electronic Transcripts & Other Documents

Create secure and reliable document exchange for transcripts and other electronic documents with PDF Signing. PDF Signing is the electronic equivalent of adding a wet ink signature to a document, assure the document recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and the contents have not been tampered with.

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Mobile Device Authentication

Control Mobile Device Access Control for your Faculty

Protect against unauthorized access and control which faculty members can access which networks, VPNs, and key business applications on their iPhone’s and iPads.

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Cloud Apps

Configure Access Control
for Cloud Based Institution Services

Protect sensitive information stored in cloud-based services including SharePoint, Google Apps, Amazon Web service, and more with certificate-based authentication.

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Secured Emails

Ensure Emails with Student Records are Kept Secure

Ensure sensitive and personal information shared amongst your faculty and departments is safe from phishing attacks and prying eyes with S/MIME technology for digitally signing and encrypting email.

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Easily and Cost Effectively Manage Multiple Digital Certificates

GlobalSign’s managed digital certificate solutions including ePKI for client certificates and MSSL for SSL Certificates allow pharmaceutical agencies of all sizes to benefit from the security and functionality of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) without the cost and time-to-market burden of in-house PKI Deployments. GlobalSign’s Digital Certificate Solutions are all available from one web-based platform known allowing administrators to easily manage the full lifecycle of all their digital certificates.

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