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Solutions for Government Bodies

Solutions for Government Bodies

Government agencies today face numerous challenges when it comes to security. With the expectations of providing safe and secure online services in which businesses and residents can use. Yet with the continuous advancements in technology and ever changing security regulations it can be time consuming and costly.

GlobalSign offers a range of security solutions, which are reliable, scalable and cost effective.

SSL Certificate

Keep Websites, Online Services, and Servers Secure

Government bodies provide various services and information available to their communities online. SSL Certificates play a vital role in ensuring the site’s integrity and protecting online transactions, data transmissions, and digital communications.

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PDF signing

Protect and Secure Electronic Documents from Forgery

As pressure is increasing to move to electronic workflows it is important to implement safeguards to create secure and effective electronic workflows.

Provide assurance that electronic documents containing sensitive information is authentic, comes from a verified source, and the contents have not been tampered even after it leaves your desktop.

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Mobile Device Authentication

Implement Access Control for Governmental Online Services

With identity theft and data breaches on the rise, usernames and passwords are not sufficient means of safeguarding your online services.

Implement strong two-factor authentication with granular control over which individuals and devices (including mobile) can access your online services, networks, and VPNs.

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Easily and Cost Effectively Manage Multiple Digital Certificates

GlobalSign’s managed digital certificate solutions including ePKI for client certificates and MSSL for SSL Certificates allow pharmaceutical agencies of all sizes to benefit from the security and functionality of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) without the cost and time-to-market burden of in-house PKI Deployments. GlobalSign’s Digital Certificate Solutions are all available from one web-based platform known allowing administrators to easily manage the full lifecycle of all their digital certificates.

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