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GlobalSign makes it easy for design companies to make the switch from paper to electronic workflows. PDF Signing Certificates offer an easy to use, scalable solution for creating secure PDFs of drawings and plans that will meet all state mandated digital signature requirements.

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Create secure PDF documents

In response to the movement from paper to electronic submissions, many government bodies now require electronically submitted plans and drawings to be digitally signed with certificates that meet strict standards.

GlobalSign PDF Signing Certificates are stored on a USB dongle and include identity information about the individual that has been verified by GlobalSign's vetting agents. As a member of Adobe's Certified Document Services program, GlobalSign certificates are automatically recognized by Adobe programs.

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Easily and Cost Effectively Manage Multiple Digital Certificates

GlobalSign’s managed digital certificate solutions including ePKI for client certificates and MSSL for SSL Certificates allow pharmaceutical agencies of all sizes to benefit from the security and functionality of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) without the cost and time-to-market burden of in-house PKI Deployments. GlobalSign’s Digital Certificate Solutions are all available from one web-based platform known allowing administrators to easily manage the full lifecycle of all their digital certificates.

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